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“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.”


Our Programs

Nonviolent / Collaborative Communication (NVC) Coach – Training – Consultation

For individuals, relationships, and organizations – ready to learn and embody a Needs-Based approach to Achieve Effective Results, with Respect for All

Youth Service Learning & Career Pathways Programs

Train-the trainer programs for teachers & leaders of school systems, after school youth groups, and faith-based youth groups looking to bring hope, peace, and conflict resolution to the next generation.

Rotary and Community “Building Peace Through Service” Programs

“Train-the trainer” programs for Rotarians, Rotary Family groups, and Community Sector Organizations – including Neighborhood Associations & Faith-Based Communities –aligns with RAGFP objectives


Our Mission

At Carlisi & Associates, our mission is to enhance the light within each individual our programs impact, and to foster better communication, connection, and collaboration in the world through strategic programs and systemic partnerships.

We strive to live by these 2 questions, inspired by Marshall Rosenberg:

“How do we experience joy in our lives, and contribute to other people’s joy?”
“How do we utilize the unique talent given to us, and maximize our contribution in the world?”

About Thomas R Carlisi, MA


Tom Carlisi, MA, embodies a true care and commitment to building a more peaceful world. With over 30 years of dedicated service as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer, and Youth Service Learning Specialist, Tom’s commitment to peace and service shines through. He has served as the Rotary Peace Chair for District for eight years and played an instrumental role as a founding member of the first Rotary Peace Chapter of Ohio.

Tom’s passion for community engagement has led to groundbreaking initiatives like the creation of the First Family Program for a teenage drug and alcohol center in Ohio. Leveraging expertise in trauma-informed care and collaboration across diverse sectors, he has made a significant impact globally, reflecting an unwavering dedication to promoting healing, understanding, and peace worldwide.

As the Founder of Carlisi & Associates, Tom’s gifts come alive in holding space for many people to come together, to multiply their talents and effects, for many to receive.


in reference to “Empowering Peacebuilders” (EP) Workshop Series

“Empowering Peacebuilders” (EP) is one of the most wonderful projects I have ever participated in during my membership in the Rotaract club. I became a participant by accident, but I continued on purpose. The people I met there were the main reason I looked forward to each subsequent session. I wish there was a way for every person on this planet to go through this program, because I guarantee everyone would take something new and useful with them. EP helped me build better communication skills and learn to listen to life around me. I will continue to apply the knowledge and cultivate the peace I gained there.

Marina A.

Young Rotarian, Serbia – Europe

This “Empowering Peacebuilders” online series helps you to learn to Speak Honestly, Without Judging Others. It also features Communication of Trust, Openness, and Compassion with Ourself and Others – which we all need. This program helped me personally…with my family, my friends, and work colleagues. I recommend this program to all Rotary Peace Fellows – through RAGFP.

Wisdom A.

Rotary Peace Fellow, Ghana, Africa

“After completing this program, I learned to mentally pause, before responding to everyone. This has helped me understand my own personal needs. I value being acknowledged as an equal, and the skills that I learned are helping me value myself and others. I believe programs like this, introduced in schools at an early age, will definitely help to create a more Peaceful World – going forward.

Smita Vakhankar

Rotarian & RAGFP member, India

II’ve experienced parts of this training in isolation through my many classes and 4 college degrees throughout the years. Never has it all been put together in a useable manner for me so I can put it into practice. Good teachers can make it all clear and put things into perspective so we can understand them. When that happens, learning is beautiful!

Joe S

High School Principal

What I enjoyed best about this course was sharing the learning space with a community of Rotarians, striving to create a culture of Peace – around the world. I learned, through this Nonviolent Communication (NVC) series, is to create “an inner space” – and to share more Compassionately, with Others. I also learned the importance to Honor & Respect our Universal Needs – and how they align with the Rotary 4-Way Test.

Emilia Alonzo-Sameno

Rotaractor & Peace Activator, and RAGFP Board member

“This training is a gift that gives us Peace skills that we can learn, practice, and share with others in our communities. To me, it’s like the proverb, “Teach a person to fish…”

Jennifer C.

Neighborhood Area Commission Chair

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