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Youth & Young Adult Service Learning & Career Pathway Programs

  • W“Train-the trainer” programs for Teachers & Youth Facilitators in classroom-based or after-school sites, including community and faith-based youth groups.
  • WYouth programs enhance Youth Empowerment, Resilience, Hope & Peace.
  • WThey also prepare youth for a Productive Transition to post-high school Careers & Healthy Lifestyles

Our programs are for you, if you’re a teacher or leader of an organization who relates to this:

  • WYou care deeply about helping these young people enhance their learning, so that they can make positive transitions to adult living.
  • WYou want to expand your skill level and find other valuable resources to have a positive effect, and increase your ability to serve.
  • WYou are interested in a service learning methodology because it empowers young people - and by getting young people involved in their learning by giving them creative opportunity and skill, they can connect to real life programs, and are going to retain 90% of what they learn.
  • WYou value a system that meets rigorous educational standards, as well as organization objectives and values

The reality in our modern world is, young people are not as engaged to learn…

Young people are not as engaged to learn, make a difference, and have a purpose. We need them to be engaged, purposeful, and passionate about making change. To do so, it’s our opportunity to make them excited about learning.

Our Service Learning and Career Pathways Programs provide our youth from elementary school ages through college an effective process for learning through these 4 stages:


Academic Research

Project-Based Learning

Reflection & Journaling

Sharing/Teaching others.

Youth Peace Service Learning (S-L) Programs:

* Academic Enhancement       * Project-Based Learning       * Youth Reflection Journals featuring

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) & Positive Peace program models

“NVC & Social Action” Higher Education (undergraduate) Positive Peace Program

  • Nonviolent Communication & Positive Peace
  • Community-Based “Social Action” Placements
  • “NVC & Social Action” S-L Special Event

“Peace & Social Justice” (PSJ) High School

(Grades 10-11) Positive Peace Program

  • Social Studies & Media Arts
  • Research Social Justice Issues (8 Pillars of Peace)
  • “Peace & Social Justice” S-L Special Event

“Youth Voice in Community” (YVC) Middle School or Junior High (grades 6-8)

  • Oral & Written Language Arts
  • Featuring “Good News” Stories & E-Newsletter
  • “Youth Voice in Community” S-L Special Event

“Young Peacebuilders” Elementary School (adaptable for grades 4-12)

  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  • “Young Peacebuilders” S-L Special Event

Youth & Young Adult Career Pathway Programs:

* Clarify Career Pathways       * Career Internships       * Job Placement Opportunities


“Career Connecting Program” (CCP) for Young Adults, Aging Out of Foster Care and/or Homeless (ages 18-24 yrs.)

  • Individual Case Plan Assessments,
    & “Wrap-Around” Services Plan
  • Career Credential Programs (or equivilant)
  • Job Placement
  • Ongoing Support Services


“HS Internship Connecting Program” (HSICP) (grades 9-12)

  • 9th Grade: Job Shadow Day
  • 10th Grade: Career Assessments/ Career Speakers
  • 11th & 12th Grade: Internship Placements,
    Complete Post-HS Career Pathway Plan


“Explore Career Pathways” (ECP) Middle School or Junior High (grades 7-8)

  • 7th Grade: Create “Career Pathway Backpacks”
  • 8th Grade: Participate in Career Job Fairs
  • 8th Grade: Complete HS Career Pathway Plan

Our Career Pathway Process:

Clarify Career Pathways

Create Career Internships

Job Placement Opportunities

Meet Tom Carlisi


Tom Carlisi, MA, embodies a true care and commitment to building a more peaceful world. With over 30 years of dedicated service as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer, and Youth Service Learning Specialist, Tom’s commitment to peace and service shines through. He has served as the Rotary Peace Chair for District for eight years and played an instrumental role as a founding member of the first Rotary Peace Chapter of Ohio.
Tom’s passion for community engagement has led to groundbreaking initiatives like the creation of the First Family Program for a teenage drug and alcohol center in Ohio. Leveraging expertise in trauma-informed care and collaboration across diverse sectors, he has made a significant impact globally, reflecting an unwavering dedication to promoting healing, understanding, and peace worldwide.
As the Founder of Carlisi & Associates, Tom’s gifts come alive in holding space for many people to come together, to multiply their talents and effects, for many to receive.

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