When people are asked to list the biggest stressors in their personal life, they often list, “relationship conflicts” at the top of the list.

When organization leaders are asked, “Are your work challenges more related to technical or relationships issues?”  The answer is most often , “relationships”.

Carlisi & Associates offers a Needs Based Model that transforms individual and relationship challenges into creative solutions that leads to Achieving Results Through Communication, Connection, Collaboration.

 How ?
Communication  Identify and share core needs, with Safety and Respect, and without Judgment.. A connection is made.
Connection  Establish a quality of understanding with oneself and others that fosters Mutual Consideration of everyone’s needs….leading to collaboration.
Collaboration  You + Me = We… Mutually satisfying outcomes are valued, and creatively established…Collaboration… leading to Satisfying and Effective Results
In Organizations
,Mr. Carlisi emphasizes Needs Based Management skills, featuring the NVC (Nonviolent Communication) model, of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, that helps clients:
• Clarify core challenges
• Identify and express needs that promotes understanding and connection with others
• Develop effective solutions that meet mutual needs with respect
• Enhance positive corporate culture, efficiency, and productivity.
individuals or teams are encouraged to offer creative options to solve project challenges, feel   valued for their contributions, seek mutual consideration of each other’s needs, and strive for productive results and the satisfaction of contribution



  • Individual & Relationships
  • Business & Organizations
Training: NVC model and Service Learning Programs

  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Web-based seminars
  • Phone or Skype sessions

  • Community Outreach and Engagement
  • Education
  • Community/Faith- based Organizations
  • Workforce Development
  • Well – Being Initiative
Education Programs:

  • Service Learning
  • Bridge the Gap – Youth Inventor & Entrepreneur

  • Has conducted coach/counsel sessions, training presentations/ workshops, & consulting services, for 30 years.

See Biography Page for details

Organizational Leadership:

*  Past CEO of a non-profit organization, for 20 years, specializing in Service Learning & Youth Workforce Development Programs for Education & Community/Faith-Based Organizations
* Co-founder of Bridge the Gap, a youth inventor and entrepreneur program, for the past 20 years.
* A Founding member of the Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio (CCCO).

Outreach & Engagement through Rotary includes:
• Tom Carlisi has been an active member of the Columbus Rotary Club for over 15 years, serving on several committees, where he contributes volunteer services, through Outreach & Engagement.
• He also is the current Rotaract Committee Chair for Rotary District 6690

Center of Ohio

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