Higher Education

Service Learning Course – Compassionate Communication and Social Change


Course Overview:

This is an upper level, advanced course meant to introduce students to various strategies and techniques used in working with individuals and families in the context of family service organizations.

Course Objectives:  

The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic theories, strategies, and skills used to establish and maintain helping relationships with individuals and families.

This goal will be accomplished by:

  1. Learning effective listening and responding skills through role-plays and applied assignments.
  2. Exploring one’s own biases and values in working with individuals and families.
  3. Learning and applying the ethical codes involved in helping relationships.
  4. Familiarizing you with a variety of counseling theories and techniques.

Course Text and Materials:

Neukrug, E. (2002). Skills and techniques for human service professionals. Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole-Thomson Learning.

Rosenberg, M. (2003). Nonviolent Communication: A language of life (2nd Ed). Encinitas CA: PuddleDancer Press.

Recommended: Rosenberg, M. (2005) The Heart of Social Change. Encinitas CA: Puddle Dancer Press.

Course Web Page: The course management page will be an important component of this course. Please check the site daily for updates and assignments. http://telr.osu.edu/carmen/stu/ (If you have difficulty accessing Carmen, please contact 8help directly at 8help@osu.edu or 688-HELP)

Course Requirements:

  1. Active Class Participation
  2. Personal Reflection Journal
  3. Small Group Discussion
  4. Helping in Context– Community Organization Interview
  5. Personal Action Plan


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