Education Programs

Education Programs: (1/2 day or full day)

Service Learning:  <Image>

Higher Education

  • “Speak Peace in a World of Conflict” – Peace Building/Violence Prevention  IMG_1235
    • Co-instructed an NVC Service Learning course, called “Compassionate Communication and Social Change, with OSU, Dept. of Education and Ecology, Dept. of Family Development and Human Science, several years ago
    • Currently developing a new NVC Service Learning course, called “Speak Peace in a World of Conflict”, with OSU, College of Social Work.

Secondary Schools

  • nvc_0312_lol“Speak Peace and Social Justice” – Social Studies / Safe Schools & Communities
  • “Healthy Winners” –  Health and Fitness
  • “Olympic Fitness Challenge and Amazing Health Day”
  • “Hunger in the Community”
  •  “Good News” Letter – Language Arts
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  • “Recycle Our Community (ROC)”  – Environmental Stewardship
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  • Extended Learning (After School) Programs
    • (the same Service Learning topics, as listed for Secondary Schools)

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Bridge the Gap –  Youth Inventor and Entrepreneur Program

  • DescriptionBridge the Gap – Youth Inventor and Entrepreneur Program, is an independent studies program, where youth inventors work with mentors to:
  • Objectives
    1. Refine their inventions with mentor assistance
    2. Apply for national youth inventor awards.
    3. Explore market development of their inventions.
    4. To apply for a provisional or full patent within one year

    Results To Date
    150+ students (grades 3-8) have successfully completed the “Bridge the Gap” program

    *  25 central Ohio “Bridge the Gap” youth inventor alumni have gone on to win National Youth Invention awards.

    * In 2002, Lisa Wright, Bridge the Gap alumnus, and  inventor of the “Wright Candle” (an auto-off safety device), was inducted into the National Gallery for America’s Young Inventor’s Hall of Fame

     * 3 Additional Bridge the Gap alumni, Michael and Michelle Vawter and John Michael Talbot, has also been inducted into the National Gallery for America’s Young Inventor’s Hall of Fame

    Bridge the Gap Program – Capacity Building Initiatives:

  •  Business Plans
    • Successful Bridge the Gap, Phase I and 2 alumni, are invited to participate in the Phase 3 – Business Plans (semester) program
    • In the pilot year, 2 Bridge the Gap participants received 2nd and 3rd place for their Business plans at OSU Business Builders Program
    • Youth Incubator Program – In development
    • Select Bridge the Gap alumni will be invited to participate in the Phase 4 – Youth Incubator Program, at Columbus Idea Foundry (largest Maker Space Facility in USA)
    • Students will work with mentors, refine their business plan and invention model…and launch their company !
  • Please see Bridge the Gap PDF for details.