Individual & Relationship Coach

COACH – NVC Model 
   Nonviolent Communication (NVC) model of Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, is also called Compassionate or Collaborative Communication or The Language of Life. 

 NVC Description:
The NVC model is a learnable process designed to reliably increase well being. It involves a quality of connection with self and others that leads to everyone’s needs being respected. An intention to seek mutually satisfying outcomes for all fosters Respect and Safety in relationships…thereby leading to High Motivation, Creativity, and Effectiveness and in this Needs Based Model.

  • “Everything that we do is in the service of a need.”           insert pic of Marshall Rosenberg
  • “ Violence is a tragic expression of unmet needs.”
  • “How can I accentuate the “life” within myself…
    and help make your life more wonderful?”

quotes from Marshall Rosenberg, PhD

Sample Topics


Understanding What Motivates Us to Act Like We Do

  •  Identifying What We Need…and What We Long For

Clarifying Our Core Values

  •  To Live with Integrity and Meaning

Transforming Judgments of Self and Othersto Honesty and Understanding

  • From Stimulus – Reaction…to Stimulus – Response…Finding Our Personal Power

Transforming Anger to Authentic Expressionwith Power and Respect

  • To Clarify and Express “Unmet Needs “- beneath the Anger – To Enhance Connection

Making “Yes or No” Decisionswith Wisdom
Transforming “Either/or” Outcomes to “Both/And” Choices…Inviting Inspiration


Coach Programs– Sample, 10 sessions in 3 months 

Individual and Relationships Programs
* In person
* Phone or Skype sessions

    * Initial Meeting
                * Intention and goals are clarified, decision to continue is made
* Time measured coach sessions are established
* “Benchmark” outcomes are established

  • Ongoing coach sessions 
    • Topic issues are explored, using the Needs Based approach, to achieve satisfying results
    • Anticipated “benchmark” outcomes are reviewed
  • Renewal option
    • Continue sessions are mutually agreed upon, if needed and desired
    • New or evolved “benchmark” goals are established


Communication People learn a Needs Based Management language that fosters communication that identifies core needs, with Safety and Respect. When individuals express themselves without judgment and listen to others with respect, they feel safe to continue to communicate. A connection is made.
Connection Those who exhibit a Communication Flow… a quality of understanding with oneself that leads to personal discovery …or between two or more persons that exhibits Respect and Mutual Consideration. Those involved feel free to express themselves openly and are open to different points of view. This quality of connection leads to collaboration.
Collaboration When individuals or relationship groups experience the Safety and Respect in Connection, they naturally want to enhance the connection through Collaboration. In relationships, each person seeks mutually satisfying outcomes with everyone’s needs respected, thereby enhancing the relationship.